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A Global Community

Self-Reg Global envisions an international movement equipped with the science of Self-Reg and united by the commitment to potentiating the potential of every child, every human being. We strive to build strong relationships and a strong sense of community among passionate Self-Reggers on a global scale.


Self-Reg For A Just Society Webinar Series


Half Day Zoom Webinar

June 25th, 2021

Missed Part 1 or 2? Buy the 4-part bundle ticket and get access to a recording of part 1: "Overthrowing the Victorian Telos" and Part 2: "Building A Better Brain".

Self-Reg Global's Strategic Directions

Research, develop, and disseminate Shanker Self-Reg® knowledge to meet the diverse needs of all cultures, contexts, and priorities of international partners.
Amplify the reach of Self-Reg through knowledge sharing via different media and will involve translated resources and locally-led content development partnerships.
Accredit and mentor international partners as Shanker Self-Reg® organizations with access to  courses, Self-Reg event and online learning options, and consulting services.
Licensing and overseeing international Shanker Self-Reg® partner organizations to deliver Self-Reg learning, disseminate Self-Reg knowledge, and to unite local Self-Reg communities of practice.

A Global Phenomenon

Self-Reg is growing! With close to 2,500 learners from all of the countries you can see below having taken The MEHRIT Centre's Foundations, Early Childhood Development, Leadership for Self-Reg Schools and Self-Reg Facilitators Courses

Online Learning and Resources

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