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Self-Reg Global envisions an international movement equipped with the science of Self-Reg and united by the commitment to potentiating the potential of every child, every human being. We strive to build strong relationships and a strong sense of community among passionate Self-Reggers on a global scale.


Self-Reg For A Just Society Webinar Series


Half Day Zoom Webinar

January 22nd, 2021

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker & Dr. Susan Hopkins as they discuss:

  • The all-important difference between self-regulation and self-control

  • The brain/body science of stress: the impact of an excessive stress load on energy and tension, and, and in turn, behaviour, mood and learning

  • The five domains of self-regulation and the five practices of Self-Reg, with a deeper dive into Practice Five: Restore.

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Self-Reg is growing! With close to 2,500 learners from all of the countries you can see below having taken The MEHRIT Centre's Foundations, Early Childhood Development, Leadership for Self-Reg Schools and Self-Reg Facilitators Courses

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