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Soon you will be able to subscribe to Self-Reg TV! This will be a dedicated Self-Reg video service for Self-Reg Global that will have unique content from Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins, but will also expand to include videos in multiple languages from our partners around the world! 

The home of 3 new shows! 

  • Issues of the Day - With Dr. Stuart Shanker

  • Self-Reg Around The World - With Dr. Stuart Shanker 

  • S.A.S.S. (Stories As Strategy Scapes) - with Dr. Susan Hopkins

Tune in and subscribe to Self-Reg Radio; Self-Reg Global's new podcast hosted by Susan Hopkins. This new show aims to have exciting guests from across the globe to give us unique Self-Reg perspectives.

A Self-Reg documentary that has been years in the making. Purchase access for yourself or maybe host a screening event in your area!