Self-Reg For A Just Society

Webinar Series  

Mentoring Session Competition

Last Updated: ● December 3rd 2020

Competition Rules


There will be two 30-minute Zoom-based mentoring sessions that can be won for a session to be scheduled in January 2021. The winners of these prizes will be drawn from two pools of names that will include:


Pool 1 - The names of anyone who has purchased a Season Pass to the “Self-Reg For A Just Society Webinar Series”


Pool 2- The names of those who have liked and shared one of/or both of the Self-Reg Global posts noted in the promotion on Twitter and Facebook.


  • The purchase of either the Standard price Season Pass or the Equity price Season Pass will have the same chance of winning as your name will be entered into the pool of potential winners.

  • The names of those who have liked and shared the Facebook and Twitter posts will be combined into one pool of names. Liking and sharing both the Facebook and the Twitter post will enter your name twice into this pool and will increase your chances of winning.

  • The winners chosen from these two pools of names will be chosen at random.

  • The winners will be contacted via the contact details on file (if any) or via direct messaging via the method in which they entered the pool (Facebook or Twitter).

  • The winners will be contacted and notified of their winning entry by January 31st, 2020 and the date of their mentoring session will be scheduled for a date in February 2021.

  • A winner will first be drawn from the pool 1 (Season Pass holders). If the same name happens to be drawn from pool 2 (Social Sharing) then a new name will be drawn at random to determine the winner of the second mentoring session.


Terms and Conditions

By entering into this competition you understand and agree to the terms and conditions as expressed below - These Terms & Conditions may be updated prior to drawing the winners, so make sure to check back if you are unsure:


  • By liking and sharing/retweeting the posts mentioned you are entering yourself into the competition and agree to the terms and conditions as set out here.

  • The entrant understands that the mentoring session offered as part of this competition is intended for educational purposes and to facilitate Self-Reg learning and is not intended (and will not be conducted) in a clinical capacity.

  • The entrant understands that this session will be conducted via Zoom conferencing software.

  • The entrant understands that their participation and the details of their possible win may be used by Self-Reg Global Inc. and The MEHRIT Centre Ltd. in any promotional material or further social media posts.

  • The entrant understands that while every effort will be made to schedule the mentoring session in February 2021, that if this is not possible for any reason, that the date of the session may have to be deferred until a later date.

If you have any questions or wish to remove yourself from the competition please contact