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Введение в Shanker Self-Reg® (Саморегуляция по методу Шенкера ) для профессионалов
Серия вебинаров на русском языке

We are extremely happy to announce our first event in Russian. A giant step forward in our mission to bring Self-Reg to everyone around the world!

Join us for 3 webinars over 3 months as we discuss the importance of Self-Reg for professionals.

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Join Dr. Stuart Shanker, Dr. Susan Hopkins and special guests for a fresh half-day webinar each month in 2021 aimed to tackle the issues of today whilst looking forward to a brighter and more just future for all of our children. 

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November Webinar

Why Bonobos? What Apes Taught Me About Self-Reg


Hear from the Presenters!

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A Whole Year Of Webinars from SRG

Get access to all of our great webinars that have happened so far and all that are still to come in our 2021 series:​

Join us the 3rd Friday of every month in 2021.


January - What Is Self-Reg and Why Does It Matter? An Introduction to Self-Reg.


February - Reframing Social-Emotional Learning 

March - Reframing Resilience

April - Brain Development and the Early Years (Part 1) - Overthrowing the Victorian Telos - 

May - Brain Development and the Early Years (Part 2) - Building A Better Brain


June - Brain Development and the Early Years (Part 3) - No Mind Is An Island Entire Of Itself.

July - Guest webinar from TMC's SRSS 2021

August - A Paradigm Revolution in the Making

September - The World of the Newborn: Self-Regulation in Early Infancy

October - The World of the Infant: Early Steps to Self-Regulation

Past 2021 Webinars

With More Coming Every Month!

Our goal is to ensure that our webinar topics are culturally relevant and reflect the needs of our community and so more topics will be confirmed for the rest of the 2021 series in the areas of:

Children and Teen Well-Being, Parenting, The Early Years, Schooling, Child Development, Well-Being, Whole Child, Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, Trauma, Behaviour Problems, Safe Schools, Inclusion & Diversity, Equity & Racism, Addictions, Technology, Healthy Relationships, Peer Pressure & Bullying and Mental Health.

Join Us, Your Way!

Whether you can join us live on the day or would like to join in at a time that better suits you, all those who sign up for a workshop in this series will be able to view the material for a limited period after the live event.

Individual Webinars

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- $40 - $75 per webinar
- Access to single webinar
- Re-watch for up to 1 month after the event

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- $35 - $57 per webinar

- Access to 12 webinars in the 2021 series.

- Re-watch any webinar until end of January, 2022

- Bonus 2020 Webinar: "The Children Are Watching"

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