Self-Reg Global Scholarship Recipients


As part of Self-Reg Global's effort to bring Self-Reg learning to the world, we have developed two scholarship programs:

  • The Doris Sommer Rotenberg Scholarship  For International Self-Reg Learning

  • The Kenneth Rotenberg Scholarship For Indigenous Self-Reg Learning

These scholarships are designed to allow one learner each year to participate in courses that are offered by The MEHRIT Centre and to begin (or enhance) their Self-Reg knowledge journey. It is our hope that these scholarships will provide the means to access Self-Reg knowledge that may have been unavailable previously and that the knowledge gained will be used for the benefit of communities and contexts around the world.


Recipient of Dorris Sommer Rotenberg Scholarship - Spring 2020


Alexandra Dana Ilies in her own words:

"I am Alexandra, born and raised in one of the biggest cities of Romania (Cluj-Napoca), in a multicultural family (Russian, Hungarian and Romanian) where I now live with my partner and my eight-year-old son.


I’m an only child of intellectual parents who sparked my curiosity, always challenged me and taught me to work with dedication, be grateful and respect everyone and everything that surrounds us. I went to a German school, then followed my curiosity about life; studying biology at university. I graduated with honors, balancing school and work as a translator for National Geographic Magazine, being a photographer, and the Romanian liaison for The Animal Welfare Institute; a USA based NGO. After graduating, these jobs or working as a biologist didn’t give me the means to sustain myself, so I decided to become a medical representative, hoping to help people. I soon realized that this job had nothing to do with it, and was somehow lost professionally.

Meanwhile, I got married to my ex-husband, who already had two daughters (now 17 and 13), and it was the struggles we had in raising them that made me seek different information than the behavioral control strategies recommended at the time. This was my first step towards what I am doing now. One thing led to another and for the next two years, I began facilitating pro-bono classes for parents, so they didn’t struggle as much as we had. After two years, I quit my old job so I could dedicate more time to learning, becoming certified and being there for people who needed me. I became a nationally recognized facilitator and am now teaching parents and professionals that there is more to humans than a sum of behaviors and that education that takes into account psychophysiology best prepares children for the world they will live in.

Before COVID I held a series of courses for parents and educators, offered counseling, and was a collaborator for several kindergartens. Now I have some of the courses and counseling online, but schools (and daycare/preschool) have been closed since march and only reopened in September.


I share information through my Facebook page with 11000 followers:,  and there is also some info on my website:

I feel that better understanding child development, learning about the 5 domains and 5 practices is the missing link in my supporting adults to turn theory into practice. I have been looking for a means to do so for the past 3 years. This is why I find the phrase “See a child differently, see a different child” invaluable. I have lived it very often in my practice and want to teach others to live it. We need more of that in Romania! In our country, around 85% of people still rely on authoritarian parenting and the rest have difficulty turning knowledge into understanding.

My dream since I came across Self -Reg has been to become a Self-Reg Facilitator. I am planning to integrate everything I learn in the work I am already doing with parents, teachers, and psychologists. I have read the books, but I am a curious and fervent learner always looking for new insights. I need all the information I can get to be able to use it correctly and pass it on. I firmly believe that if I want to teach and help, the person to start with is myself.

In short, I hope to become a Self-Reg advocate in my country, for the benefit of children, adults, and our society."