Self-Reg Global Scholarships



Alexandra Dana Ilies

To this year's recipient of the Doris Sommer Rotenberg Scholarship,


Alexandra Dana Ilies!

Alexandra used her scholarship to enroll in The MEHRIT Centre's Early Childhood Development Course to enhance her Self-Reg knowledge in her work as a parent educator and educational consultant in Romania.


Read more about Alexandra's story here 


As part of Self-Reg Global's effort to bring Self-Reg learning to the world, we are developing two scholarship programs:

  • The Doris Sommer Rotenberg Scholarship  For International Self-Reg Learning

  • The Kenneth Rotenberg Scholarship For Indigenous Self-Reg Learning

These scholarships are designed to allow one learner each year to participate in courses that are offered by The MEHRIT Centre and to begin (or enhance) their Self-Reg journey. It is our hope that these scholarships will provide the means to access Self-Reg learning that may have been unavailable previously and that the knowledge gained will be used for the benefit of communities and contexts around the world.


Further details on these scholarship programs will be coming in 2021, so please check back in!