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Self-Reg TV starting with 3 brand new shows!​​


  • Reframing The Issues of the Week

-  with Dr. Shanker & Guests​

  • Stories As Strategy Scapes (S.A.S.S.)

- with Dr. Susan Hopkins

  • Self-Reg Around The Globe

- with Dr. Shanker & Guests

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  • 3 New Shows!

    • Updated with new content weekly with more shows coming in the future.

  • Exclusive Video Content

    • From Dr. Stuart Shanker, Dr. Susan Hopkins and various guest speakers.

  • Global Focus 

    • Content that is focused on Self-Reg outside of Canada, tackling global Self-Reg issues.

  • English Not Your First Language?

    • All content available with subtitles - Auto-translate into your own language!


Reframing The Issues of The Day

Join Dr. Shanker and various friends of Self-Reg Global as we reframe the current world events and issues with a Self-Reg lens. With a new episode each week, be sure to check back on what's on the minds of Self-Reggers everywhere!

Stories As Strategy Scapes

Ever thought "How do I do Self-Reg?". Join Dr. Susan Hopkins on a journey through various Self-Reg stories from her own and other's experiences as she weaves these into practical Self-Reg strategies. 

Self-Reg Around The Globe

Join Dr. Shanker and various friends of Self-Reg Global as they seek to answer the question of how Self-Reg applies in different counties, cultures and contexts. Dr. Shanker will be joined by guests from various different countries over the course of the show.




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