The MEHRIT Centre's

Certificate Courses

Four of The MEHRIT Centre’s (TMC's) online courses are certificate programs:

  • The Self-Reg Foundations program

  • The Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development program

  • The Leadership for Self-Reg Schools program  

  • The Self-Reg Facilitator’s program

The information below gives more detail on the certificates and their uses and restrictions.

What exactly does having a certificate from The MEHRIT Centre mean?

  • You have completed the requirements and learned the material of a specialized, professional level training course and can apply that learning to enhance your efficacy in the work you do.​

  • You are entitled to note that you have earned a certificate on your resume, website or anywhere else you list details of your ongoing education and training.​

  • TMC will provide you with certain special resources , such as power point slides, which you can use (with referencing and attribution) in your educational/professional work.

  • Having a certificate is not the same as being 'certified' as a Self-Reg practitioner in your profession. Certification has more rigorous requirements such as submitting applications and writing exams. Certification is generally issued by a governing body that has some level of oversight over individuals who are certified. TMC is not that type of organization. TMC is an educational organization, and issues educational certificates rather than professional certification.

A Certificate from a TMC certificate program does not:

  • Certify an individual in any clinical context.

  • Allow the holder to claim any professional designation.

  • Allow the holder to use the Shanker Self-Reg® trademark or claim ownership of the intellectual property of TMC, SRG or Dr. Stuart Shanker. 

  • Entitle the holder to work with, on behalf of, or in partnership with TMC or SRG.

What is the difference between learning for educational vs. clinical purposes?

Shanker Self-Reg® is not taught, designed or delivered in any way for clinical purposes. Any information obtained from the Mehrit Centre, Self-Reg Global or Dr. Stuart Shanker is being provided for information purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. As such neither TMC, nor SRG can license or certify anyone in any clinical context and any learning or certificates earned are purely for educational purposes. 

After taking a certificate course with TMC, am I allowed to claim a specific title?

  • Learners who have completed any of the introductory courses (Foundations certificate program, Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development certificate and the Leadership for Self-Reg Schools certificate) can claim the title of "Self-Reg Champion". 

  • A Self-Reg Champion is someone with an interest and passion for Self-Reg who has completed a certificate with TMC.

  • Learners who have completed our advanced courses (Self-Reg Learning Facilitator's certificate, Reframed: Masters of Reframing certificate and the Living, Learning and Linking certificate) may also claim the title Self-Reg Champion, however recognizing the additional certificates earned, much like you would recognize additional courses in other areas of education.

Self-Reg Facilitators Certificate Program:

  •   This 120-hour, 8-month program was created upon request from the Self-Reg community to support professionals in various fields (education, social work, counselling, early years education) to learn the 5 steps of Self-Reg and learn practical ways to bring this learning to others within their existing professions and for a variety of reasons. This is not a clinical or professional designation. It is a certificate program for educational purposes.

  • Completing the Self-Reg Facilitator's certificate would mean that you would be able to facilitate Self-Reg learning with others in your immediate community and as part of your current role:

  • E.g. School board wellness coordinator earns the facilitator's certificate with TMC and puts on workshops in her school board.

  • E.g. An Early childhood educator  who has earned the facilitator's certificate puts on Self-Reg parent nights for her centre’s community. 

  • Many students of TMC embed their learning into their existing professional practices, much in the same way that someone may take a course on project management or play-based learning in the early years and apply what they have learned in their work and lives.

  • The facilitator’s certificate is not intended to allow graduates to begin charging a fee to customers of their own courses, events or any other offering that would compete with a similar offering from either SRG or TMC and does not allow the use of the Shanker Self-Reg® trademark. Graduates of this program are still subject to the terms of use as set out by The MEHRIT Centre.  

Can I work for TMC with a Self-Reg learning facilitator's certificate?

Upon completion of the final module of the course you will receive information on how to apply and how to contact our human resources department with expressions of interest to become a TMC online course learning facilitator, presenter or consultant. 

Please note - applicants will have to be legally allowed to work in Canada to apply.

Where can I learn more about Self-Reg in my language?

TMC and SRG consider our international publishers to be partners and a list of publishers for the book Self-Reg can be found on our Books Page, under Self-Reg.

TMC has also produced some content such as graphics in other languages which you can find
here, with more planned to be developed by SRG as we grow.

Is there a way I can do more with my certificate or partner with TMC or SRG?

Visit our licensing page to learn more about Self-Reg Global's licensing program here.