The MEHRIT Centre's

Certificate Courses

Four of The MEHRIT Centre’s (TMC's) online courses are certificate programs:

  • The Self-Reg Foundations program

  • The Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development program

  • The Leadership for Self-Reg Schools program  

  • The Self-Reg Facilitator’s program

The information below gives more detail on the certificates and their uses and restrictions.

What exactly does having a certificate from The MEHRIT Centre mean?

A Certificate from a TMC certificate program does not:

What is the difference between learning for educational vs. clinical purposes?

After taking a certificate course with TMC, am I allowed to claim a specific title?

Self-Reg Facilitators Certificate Program:

Can I work for TMC with a Self-Reg learning facilitator's certificate?

Where can I learn more about Self-Reg in my language?

Is there a way I can do more with my certificate or partner with TMC or SRG?

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